Best Skin Care and Hair Care Products to Feel and Look Beautiful

If you are living in a city like Delhi where the rate of air pollution is at its peak, you can very well understand how the skin and the hair of a metropolitan endure the everyday torture of dust and smoke. Oily/dry skin, blackheads, pimples, acne and what not – it’s difficult to expect a clear glowing skin in the presence of pollutants in the environment. Nevertheless, the right choice of skin care and hair care products undoubtedly ensures the protection and sustenance of your beauty.

Recently, I tried out some products from MCaffeine and Dmaax Derma and I’m quite satisfied with the results that I’ve received so far.

Skin Care Products

1. MCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Face Wash

The coffee extract of the face wash has rejuvenated my dull and unevenly toned skin. It has helped me to a great extent in getting rid of pimples, acne, excessive oil and dirt from my skin. In fact, you can use it to heal sunburns, dark spots and pigmentations also because of the antioxidants properties of its key ingredient – coffee.
Its other ingredients like white water lily, aloe vera and seaweed has anti-aging properties that help in fighting fine lines. As it has so many benefits, I’ve made it a part of my face care routine.

2. MCaffeine Coffee Face Scrub

I could feel the amazing results of this face scrub in the first use itself. It leaves the skin soft and smooth. A nourishing and exfoliating face scrub, it deeply cleanses the face and removes tanning and blackheads. Moreover, it’s very much gentle on the skin and can be used for dry skin care as well. This face scrub also (like the face wash from Mcaffeine) combats the early signs of aging for a youthful, beautiful and healthy skin.

3. Dmaax Derma Activated Charcoal Peel Off Mask

Enriched with activated charcoal this face mask helps in gently purifying your delicate face skin. It helps in opening the blocked pores of the skin and removes blackheads, spots and tanning. I used it twice and noticed my dark spots eventually fading away. It revitalized my skin, cleansed the whiteheads as well and neutralized the secretion of excessive oil on my face.

Hair Care Products

1. MCaffeine Green Tea Oil

This wonder oil contains the extracts of green tea, onion oil along with other such essential oils to deeply nourish the hair and make them healthy. After using it twice, my hair fall has reduced considerably and I don’t have to worry much about my hair growth now. You can’t afford not to make it a part of your hair care routine as it not only helps in strengthening the hair roots but also protects them from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

2. MCaffeine Naked Detox Green Tea Shampoo

Using this shampoo after oiling is the next step in my hair treatment ritual. The long lasting fragrance of this hair sorts out the problem of stinky hair which is quite common in the summers due to excessive sweating. It also helps in getting rid of toxins that settle on the scalp due to pollution. It has helped me with the unusual itchiness in the scalp and has treated my problem of frizzy hair and so; I recommend this shampoo for dry hair also.

3. Dmaax Derma Onion Hair Oil

If you are looking specifically for an oil with the vital antibacterial and antioxidants properties of onion then you must try the Dmaax Derma’s Onion Hair Oil. It strengthens the roots of your hair, minimizes hair breakage and helps in reversing the graying of hair. After using it thrice, I experienced incredible results and my hair felt silkier and looked shinier than ever before.

I’ll be trying out more such products and would be coming up with their reviews too.

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