Here’s How You Can Turn Your Christmas and New Year Celebrations More Fashionable and Healthy

The Christmas music is in the air again followed by the finale of 2019 that fills me with excitement and enthusiasm for welcoming new opportunities, joys and hopes. The positive vibes with the end of the decade is certainly embodied in the Christmas carols, beautifully lit market streets, Christmas decorations and of course, in the […]

The Elegant Blue

I’ve always believed that one must embrace all colors without being too choosy -as each color has its own significance and charm. Owing to this, I usually keep a color theme for my photo-shoots and frequently come up with the blogposts focusing on a specific color, and its beauty. This time, I decided to pose […]

The White Madness

We all have obsession with some or the other thing, whether momentarily or for a long period. Although too much of preoccupation with anything is unhealthy, it’s difficult to let go the craze we build up for something with the course of time. Since the beginning of this year, I’ve developed obsession with the color […]

Trendy and Comfortable Clothes to Beat the Summer Heat

  No matter whether you make a trip, go to your place of work, college or stroll in the streets of the city; it’s extremely important to stay in your comfort zone and clothes undoubtedly hold a great importance in this respect. The time of the year is here when many of you might find […]

The Magic of Floral Prints

The fashion trends are ever dynamic and nothing seems to remain in vogue for a long period. Whether you scrutinize the newspapers and magazines or scroll through your social media handles, you’ll either come across a completely new clothing trend making its way or the old ones making a comeback in the market. If you […]

5 Amazing Trendy Looks to Try for Parties

Once considered to be the topmost priority of celebs alone, today, fashion has become a concern of the common man as well. And, it’s not only limited to transformations in the current preferences for garments but the dynamic fashion industry frequently comes up with new trends in hairdos and accessories, too.As a fashionista, I try […]

Delectable and Healthy Homemade Teas to Cure and Revitalize Your Body

“If you are cold, tea will warm you; if you are too heated, it will cool you; If youare depressed, it will cheer you; If you are excited, it will calm you.”-William Ewart Gladstone     Rejuvenating the mind & body – transporting one to a world of reposefulness and tranquility; each sip of this […]

Bid Welcome to Summer with these Chic Outfits

The warmest season of 2019 is on its way. By the end of March, every girl’s wardrobe would seemingly acquire a new look for this time of the year. But have you yet settled on how you’ll go about it? If not then don’t worry as I have picked up some classy summer clothes for […]