The Surprising Connection of Food and Human Personality

Determining Personality Types On the Basis of Food Choices 



The idea of judging people on their food picks and eating habits, might not appeal everyone. However, we cannot deny the fact that one’s selection and practices associated with food are a reflection of one’s personality. Over the years, scientists have come up with several studies to show that there’s a significant relation between food choices and personality.
If you’re familiar with the different personality types based on preferences for food, you’ll be able to gel with people very well. This works best in the corporate world for making assumptions about a client’s personality when a business meeting is arranged in a restaurant. The client is then dealt with accordingly.
Moreover, even in your personal life, you can apply this knowledge to make your partner happy (especially on special occasions). This is why since ages, women are holding onto the belief that – the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And so, I’ve listed the various personality types depending on the type of grub a person likes and the eating habits that he or she possesses.



1. The Foodies with Passion for Cooking


These people have a liking for both cooking and eating food. They enjoy
spending their time in trying something new in the kitchen which gives a
hint of their creative urges. They usually look for variety in everything. If
you want to win their heart, try to serve them with innovative dishes. These people are quite determined and at times obstinate, too. If they realize that their attempts in cooking (or anything else) don’t turn out to be good, they don’t hesitate to go for another attempt. You must often encourage these people and help them out as much as possible.

2. The Confused Eaters

As their name suggests, these people are uncertain not just in their choice
of food but in almost every sphere of their life. You might also find them
complaining of low metabolism and they are likely to fuss a lot over the
quality of foodstuffs. You must have patience while dealing with them as in their confusion; they are slow in taking decisions.


3. The Lonely Eaters

You might have come across those who often prefer to keep to themselves,
even when it comes to savoring their meals. You’ll need to be patient with
as well for this habit is an indication of their disinclination towards too
much socializing. Although they don’t like to interact a lot, they only expect others to be nice and loving to them as they aren’t much demanding.

4. The Eaters with “Don’t-touch-my-food” Attitude

These people are mostly viewed as quite negative and one might not look
forward to their company. They indicate their selfish attitude by never
sharing their food with anyone and so, they are very unsociable.

5. The Punctual Eaters

Such individuals are quite disciplined, and very confident and certain in
what they do. They are very particular about orderliness and any kind of
mess surely annoys them. They follow their routine very strictly and have a fixed time for their meals. If you are planning to dine with them, make sure you don’t displease them by arriving late.

6. The Diet-Freak Eaters

They are very prudent about their food picks. Their choice of balance is not only limited to their food intake but they also strive for stability of mind and emotions. Consequently, they are simple, resolute and people with broad perspective.

7. The Spicy Food Lovers

Their love for spice speaks volume about the essence of tanginess in their
character. They are quite outgoing and turn out to be good listeners, too.
You are sure to enjoy their company as they are great at socializing. They
love to gossip and like to follow the ongoing trends in everything. However, they are also likely to suffer mood swings.

8. The Unhappy Eaters

These people are mostly serious in their bearing and unusually resolute in
achieving their goals. Besides, they are overly concerned with quality and
they are least likely to set fixed hours for having their food. Though these
people are excellent employees, they are not good in interacting with

9. The Eaters with “Sharing is Caring” Perception

These people are broad minded and open hearted. They are affable,
lovable and great to go hangout with. They love to be a part of anything
that’s lively and kicking. Nevertheless, they are emotionally sensitive and
cannot eat their food alone. You would never like to be rude to such people or hurt them. They are quite sweet and simple hearted.

10. The Happy Foodies

They are crazy food lovers and tasty meal is the ultimate object of their joy.
The very sight and aroma of the food lightens up their eyes. Their mood
swings can be handled quite easily by dishing out their favorite snacks. They are very easy going and hold an optimistic view of life.


So with this piece of information, I hope you’ll feel more confident now in
your judgment of people through their food inclinations.

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